The moment you realize your chosen career isn't right for you is poignant. On one hand, it can be a frustrating, scary, and confusing realization. On the other, it can be an exciting first step toward a more fulfilling life. You do not have to make the choice blind.

Career counseling is about exploring your options and taking into account all relevant factors so that you can make an informed decision that meets your needs on all levels. I combine cutting edge career assessments, job data, and practical considerations with subjective elements such as your interests, dreams, values and personal reflection. 

You can chart a more fulfilling course for yourself. A career should meet your needs. With some active exploration, you can find the direction that is right for you.

Career counseling leads to a more energized, fulfilled, connection with work.

Jerome Myerson, licensed professional counselor.
Jerome Myerson, MA, LPC, NCC
Is it hard to get up and go to work every morning? Do you no longer have the patience to deal with the little things? Do you find what you are doing no longer fills you up in the way that it used to? Or maybe you want to make a change to something that can better meet your financial needs. Career counseling helps you get a clear picture of where you are with work, what you need from your career, and what your current career is offering you. With the right data, making a balanced decision becomes possible. 

I use the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to get an objective picture of your interests, values, and personality types. Then we will begin to explore your career. The services that I offer can include:

  • Exploration and clarification of your needs, wants, and expectations as they relate to career
  • Strategies to reinvigorate your relationship with your career
  • Practical strategies for changing careers
  • Networking and job hunting help
  • Resume and cover letter help
  • Career assessment and tests

I offer free 15-minute phone consultations. I would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.

Career Testing Services

Curious if your career is a good fit for your personality and interests? Want to begin to explore what else might be out there? Or maybe you are just beginning to explore the world of work for the first time. Career tests can provide invaluable insights into which careers might be a good match for you.

I offer the Strong Interest Inventory––one of the most widely used and well-respected career assessments available. Whether you are considering changing careers or just want a more objective view of how you fit into the world of careers, the Strong Interest Inventory is a good place to start.

The Strong Interest Inventory

For your convenience, I administer the Strong Interest Inventory online and then we will schedule an interpretation session. At this session, you will receive a 9-page written report detailing the results. It will include information on your major career interest themes, work style preferences, and possible career matches and more! During the interpretation session, we will explore ways that you can relate this information to yourself and your career.

The Strong Interest Inventory can be used as part of an ongoing course of career counseling or with a standalone interpretation session.

For information on rates, scheduling, and other questions, call or e-mail today!