Healthy relationships don't happen naturally. They need conscious tending.

Being in an intimate relationship is hard. Have you found that, no matter what you do, you and your partner end up back at the same old issues? Are you deadlocked on important aspects of your lives? Are you like two ships sailing past each other in the night? These are painful, exhausting, and frustrating places to be. ​

"Couple's counseling can help you rekindle the connection that you both deserve."

Fortunately, couple’s counseling can help you rekindle the connection that you both deserve. I like to use the metaphor of a garden. Gardens need tending otherwise they will wither. Similarly, when relationships get stuck, they need some intentional tending––communication skills, structure, insight––to get back on track.

I am passionate about being there for couples as they find their way to a more fulfilling, supportive, place with each other. My role is to provide structure, specific tools, and strategies in a nonjudgmental environment so that you can have the kind of relationship or marriage you deserve.

Meet Jerome

Hi, I'm Jerome and I'm a licensed professional counselor providing couple's counseling to the north Denver metro area. I am located in Broomfield and own The Counseling Room. I am a Colorado native and spent my childhood in the mountains.

I moved to Boulder for college and ended up staying there for grad school. As I progressed through my own journey, I began to realize the importance of authentic relationships. I saw this reflected in the clients that I worked with as well as in my own life.

When it was finally time to start my own practice, I knew that one of the areas that I wanted to focus on was relationships and marriages. I have been working with couples on rekindling their connections ever since.


  • Rebuild trust
  • Foster commitment
  • Develop communication
  • Rekindle intimacy




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What to expect
When you and your partner come in for your first session you may be wondering what to expect. Couple's sessions run between 50 and 60 minutes. During the first session, I will get to know you and your partner. I will ask you for the specifics of what has brought you in, as well as ask you some questions about what drew the two of you together at the start of your relationship. I try and get a clear picture of your relationship or marriage, including any areas of strength. Then I will give you some idea of how I see things and my thoughts on where we could go from here.

After the first session we will begin working on the specific areas that we've identified during the initial session. I emphasize learning new skills and ways of relating that can be helpful to you going forward so that you and your partner can begin to relate in new ways.

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    Inside the office
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