Counseling for creative people

Invigorate Your Work

Creativity is fickle. At times it comes effortlessly and feels great. Then there are times when it just won't flow at all. Counseling can help you reawaken your creativity in times of draught, so that you can get to work on your projects on your own terms.

Rediscover Your Passion

Are your pursuits not filling you up in the way they once did? Are you feelining like the work you once loved is now just a chore? Counseling can help you reawaken your passion for what you do. 

Find Your Direction

Are you feeling it's time for something new? Starting out on a path can be a confusing time, fortunately you do not have to do it alone. When you have all the information, you can make an informed and meaningful decision.
Reclaim your creativity
Being a creative person can be hard. We generally don't fit into boxes and our paths to meaning, fulfillment, and success, are often far from straight. Then there is the fact that inspiration and creativity can come and go––often in the middle of projects. How to stay steady and work toward your goals when you're not feeling it?
Although I do a variety of counseling at the Counseling Room, I specalize in working with creative people who are feeling blocked, stuck, or burnt out. 
Counseling can help you reawaken inspiration when we're not feeling it, it can help you chart that twisty path to where you want to be, and it can help overcome burnout and procrastination. It can help you stay steady in times of creative drought.
I've been in the mental health field since 2007, but I am also a filmmaker, photographer, and writer. I am passionate about helping creative people reignite their creative voice.
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