Jerome Myerson
Hi, I'm Jerome. I'm originally from the Western Slope and have been on the Front Range since around 2002. I came for college, stayed for my masters, and then never left.

I've always loved working with people. My bachelor's degree is in writing and literature but, as I quickly discovered after graduating from college,  I didn't want to make a career in that area: there wasn't enough interaction. Here's the thing, I genuinely like people. I find that talking through things, providing support, and being there for people as they traverse their lives is both fulfilling and an honor.

Once I got clear on this, I decided to dive into the study of counseling and psychology.  I love what I do! Some of my other interests include photography (all non-headshot photos on the website are my work), coffee, board games, and writing. 
Licensed Professional Counselor
Jerome Myerson, MA, LPC, owner of The Counseling Room
Jerome has been in the mental health field since 2008. During this time, he has worked in a variety of roles, such as psychology instructor at Front Range Community College and senior clinician at Windhorse Community Services . He received his masters in counseling psychology from Naropa University in 2014  and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in clinical psychology from Pacifca Graduate Institute.


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