See the Office
  1. The waiting room at the Counseling Room
    My waiting room.
  2. The counseling room is located inside the Clear Horizons office suite.
    The sign
  3. Inside the office
    Inside the office
  4. View from the couch
    View from the couch
  5. Looking in
    Looking in
  6. Walking up to my office
    Walking up to my office

Finding my office

My office is located at 740 Burbank Street in Broomfield. It is nestled in a small cluster of offices. There is plenty of parking both in front of the buildings and behind the offices. It is wheelchair accessible from the front parking lot. My office is in the Clear Horizons suite and the address is clearly visible on the sign.  Once you're inside, make yourself comfortable in the waiting room and I'll come out to greet you at our scheduled time.