Counseling for Students




Being in school can be hard. Support is available.
  1. Study Habits
    Procrastination, time management, avoidance, or simply not having enough time in the day: setting up a sustainable way to get work done is easier said than done. I offer supportive, sustainable, tools to help get you from where you are, to where you need to be.
  2. Stress
    It is stressful being a student. Managing homework, class, social life, relationships, and everything else is a lot. When we are stressed out, for extended periods of time, the stress begins to make everything harder. It affects concentration, mood, energy level. Fortunately, counseling is an effective way to reduce stress and feel better.
  3. Anxiety
    Ever have that feeling, after a semester ends, that there are still projects hanging over you? This can be a clue to just how much mental energy you have wrapped up in school. With so much pressure, in so many different areas, it is no wonder that anxiety is the most commonly reported mental health issue among students.
  4. Get Support
    If you find yourself feeling alone, or overwhelmed, or behind, reach out. You do not have to stay that way. Everyone can use the occasional support along the way.

I offer sliding scale  slots for students. Contact me for details